Todos Somos Japon: The World After Fukushima 3/11

The Committee on Globalization and Social Change presents

“The World After Fukushima 3/11”

A symposium for radical understandings and analyses of the situation in Japan after 3/11 and its global significance with Silvia Federici, Adrienne Hurley, Ayumi Goto, Yoshihiko Ikegami and Chigaya Kinoshita. Speakers will focus on everyday life under radiation; political, social and economic impacts of radiation; and struggles of the people toward an alternate future.

Update: Watch the video from this event!

Friday Oct. 21, 6:00 pm
Skylight Conference Room (9th floor)

CUNY Graduate Center | 365 5th Avenue | New York, NY 10016

Although information has been coming in from Japan since 3/11, there is a huge gap between what the Japanese are actually experiencing, doing and thinking after the Fukushima nuclear accident, and what the people in the US know and think about it. We are inviting three intellectuals/activists from Japan to share their first hand experiences and thoughts with us here in the US, and to discuss together the significance of the situation, the question of our human survival and the global struggles for it.

We all know that 3/11 is a global event.

What has already happened in Japan is and will be affecting the world over. Firstly there are effects of radiation that could expand more and more for the years to come, though they might not be immediately evident. Secondly, Japan sinking into the abyss has a big impact on the global economy and power relations. Thirdly, the management of post-nuclear-disaster society is rendered as both a continuation and new phase of the capitalist regime that is global in essence. Fourthly, in the regime, being forced to live under radiation (of varied degrees, forms and extents) is a new misery imposed upon all creatures on the planet. So it is that 3/11 Fukushima must be an occasion for all of us to think over the world we have constructed – and ideas for how we will reconstruct it.

Ayumi Goto: “Everyday Under Radiation”
Chigaya Kinoshita: “Economic and Political Climate after 3/11”
Yoshihiko Ikegami: “People’s Struggles after 3/11”
Adrienne Hurley: “Possibilities for a Nuclear Abolition Movement after 3/11”
Silvia Federici: “Theoretical Principles of Nuclear Housework and Women’s Struggle under Radiation”

Moderator: Marina Sitrin, Postdoctoral Fellow, Committee on Globalization and Social Change
With interpretation by: Yuko Tonohra and Sabu Kohso

Todos Somos Japon: The World After Fukushima 3/11
Date: October 21, 2011
Time: 12:00 am

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