2014/15 Faculty Fellows

Joseph Entin (jentin@brooklyn.cuny.edu)
Entin photo

Associate Professor of English, English and American Studies, City University of New York

Joseph Entin is author of Sensational Modernism: Experimental Fiction and Photography in Thirties America (University of North Carolina Press, 2007) and co-editor of Controversies in the Classroom: A Radical Teacher Reader (Teachers College Press, 2008). His essays and reviews have appeared in Working USAMELUSNovel: A Forum on FictionThe Yale Journal of CriticismAmerican Quarterly, CriticismNew Labor Forum, and Radical Teacher. His current project examines the ways in which contemporary American fiction, film and television figure global human relations and collective belonging through stories of labor and migration. He is also co-editing an anthology of essays on post-1945 U.S. documentary culture and practice.

Caroline Rupprecht (caroline.rupprecht@qc.cuny.edu)
Caroline Rupprecht Portrait
Associate Professor of Comparative Literature at Queens College

Caroline Rupprecht, Associate Professor of Comparative Literature at Queens College, specializes in 20th Century German Literature, Film, and Gender Studies. She is the author of two monographs: Womb Fantasies: Subjective Architectures in Postmodern Literature, Cinema, and Art (Northwestern UP, 2013) and Subject toDelusions: Narcissism, Modernism, Gender (Northwestern UP, 2006); as well as the translator of Unica Zürn’s Surrealist novella Dark Spring (Exact Change, 2000). Her current research focuses on W.G. Sebald and Yoko Tawada.

Irina Silber (irinacarlotta@gmail.com)
Silber Photo
Associate Professor of Anthropology, City College of New York

Irina Carlota (Lotti) Silber is associate professor of anthropology at City College of New York. Lotti’s overarching work explores postwar processes in one of El Salvador’s former warzones and a region known for its peasant revolutionary participation. This longitudinal project is also a study of the Salvadoran diaspora. Her work on aftermaths pushes her to think through the relationship between crisis and chronicity and informs a new ethnographic project, Luminous, which explores the everyday of childhood genetic difference. Her work has been supported by various grants including a Rockefeller Fellowship, and has been published in journals such as Gender & History, Women’s Studies Quarterly, Anthropology & Humanism, and The Journal of Latin American and Caribbean Anthropology. She is the author of Everyday Revolutionaries: Gender, Violence, and Disillusionment in Postwar El Salvador (2011),  which received the 2013 International Latino Book Award in the Best First Book, Nonfiction category. Lotti remains committed to pursuing various ethnographic genres and received a First Prize in Poetry from the Society for Humanistic Anthropology, a section of the American Anthropological Association.

John Collins (john.collins@qc.cuny.edu)

Professor in Anthropology at Queens College john collins                                             

A specialist in historical ethnography, semiotics, race, and urban anthropology, he has conducted research in Brazil since 1992. His study of the ways that the making of a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Salvador, Bahia has impacted Brazilian racial politics, “Revolt of the Saints: Memory and Redemption in the Twilight of Brazilian ‘Racial Democracy,’” is currently in press at Duke University Press. Professor Collins is currently researching an historical monograph that examines the lives of Africans who were shipped as slaves to mid-19th century Brazil and intercepted at sea by a British Navy charged with policing the high seas, ostensibly to end the slave trade. “Under English Eyes” looks closely at the struggles for citizenship, family, and survival of these Africans, who arrived in Brazil at a moment when Brazilians treated them as slaves, but because of British pressure could not be assigned slave status, at least officially. In addition to his teaching, research, and writing, Professor Collins serves as an editorial board member and film and book review editor of Journal of Latin American and Caribbean Anthropology.                               

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