2015–16 Dissertation Fellowship

Eligibility & Requirements

Applications are invited from doctoral candidates in the humanities and humanistic social sciences such as anthropology, religion, sociology, philosophy, political science, history, English, art history, and comparative literature who engage and transect our seminar topic. This fellowship is only open to Graduate Center doctoral candidates (i.e. you must be Level III. There are no exceptions).

Students must be registered or on an approved leave of absence during the 2016-2017 academic year to be eligible to apply. For your application to be considered, you must be officially advanced to candidacy (level III) at the time of application.

A student holding a Graduate Center fellowship may apply for the dissertation fellowships but, if offered an award, the total funding (Graduate Assistant salary plus Dissertation Fellowship stipend) may not exceed $35,000. If the combined amount exceeds $35,000 the student will have to choose between the dissertation fellowship and the graduate assistantship.

Fellows will be expected to participate in the weekly Committee seminar as well as ongoing lectures and symposia. Committee seminars meet on Tuesday mornings, 10:30 am to 12:30 pm. It is a condition of the fellowship that fellows leave this time free in their schedules.

With generous support from the Provost’s Office and the Graduate Center, CUNY, successful candidates will be granted $10,000 total for Fall 2016-Spring 2017 in return for a commitment to fully participate in the work of the Committee and in the weekly seminar. The basis for selection of participants will rest primarily on the relevance to the overall project of the work proposal submitted by applicants. In accordance with the interdisciplinary aim of the program, selections will also be made with an eye to maintaining disciplinary diversity.

Application Components

Each application must include the following:

  1. Cover sheet (download): Please list all current and pending support from Graduate Center sources, including multi-year fellowships and pending applications for GC writing fellowships.
  2. Statement of applicability: In one page or less, please highlight the connection between your research and the theme.
  3. Abstract (150 words)
  4. Proposal, including (2,000 words) and 1-page bibliography. The project description should include discussion of the background, relevant literature, methodology, data, projected results, and a timeline/description indicating expected progress. The text describing the dissertation project should be double-spaced using a 12- point font with numbered pages and a 1-inch margin. Students are advised to keep in mind that the review committees will be composed of faculty from various disciplines. Proposals should be jargon-free and clearly written. Please include a 150 word abstract (single-spaced) at the top of the first page of the project description. The bibliography can be single-spaced.;
  5. Two-page curriculum vitae;
  6. Current Graduate Center transcript. (Students may submit the unofficial student copy that can be printed from banner.)

Application Instructions

The application materials must be assembled as a single PDF document  in the following order:

  1. Application cover sheet
  2. Statement of applicability
  3. Abstract
  4. Proposal and bibliography
  5. Curriculum vitae
  6. Transcript

Please name your file according to the following format: Dissertation-LastName-Department
E.g. Dissertation-Shah-English.pdf

Email completed applications to globalization@gc.cuny.edu, subject line: “Dissertation Fellowship Application.” Inquiries can be directed to the same.

DEADLINE: Friday, March 4th, 2016 at 12 PM.

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