Fall 2017 Events

The Crisis in Venezuela: Understanding the Origins of the Present Moment
Tuesday, September 26, 5–7 pm | Skylight Room, The Graduate Center

The People and the Poor
Tuesday, October 3, 5.30–7.30 pm | Rooms 9207, The Graduate Center

Book Discussion: Federico Finchelstein’s From Fascism to Populism
Thursday, October 26, 4.30-6.30 pm | Rooms C204/C205, The Graduate Center

Book Discussion: Dagmar Herzog’s Cold War Freud
Monday, November 3, 4.30-6.30 pm | Rooms 9204/9205, The Graduate Center

Fortress Europe? Borders, Bodies, Politics
Monday, December 4, 5.30-7.30 | Skylight Room, The Graduate Center