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2016–17 Fellowship Competition Open Now

The Committee on Globalization and Social Change is Currently Accepting Applications for 2016–17 Mid-Career Faculty and Dissertation Fellowships.  Application deadline is noon on March 4th, 2016.  The Committee on Globalization and Social Change (CGSC) invites applications from recently tenured-faculty, CUNY doctoral students, and PhDs eligible for Postdoctoral Fellowships, who would like to participate in a research seminar on the theme “Refuge”. *Fellows [read more»]

2014–2015 Seminar: Humanity

The Committee begins with the observation that existing categories and analytic frameworks are inadequate to grasp the dynamics of our historical present. We are thus interested not only in questioning conventional assumptions in light of contemporary developments but also in the possibility of reclaiming, reworking, and refunctioning seemingly outmoded concepts in and for these times. [read more»]

Susan Buck-Morss, “Sometimes to progress means to stop, to pull the emergency brake”

Along with her paper, “A Commonist Ethics,” see also an interview with Susan Buck-Morss in Kultura Liberalna (Kultura Liberalna nr 155 (52/2011),  December 27th 2011), where she discusses her views on ontology, political action, history and pragmatism. __________________________________________________________________ Joanna Kusiak: [read more»]