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The Mixtape of the Revolution

CGSC Faculty Fellow Sujatha Fernandes has published a New York Times Op-Ed piece on rap music and the recent Arab revolutions and African protests. January 29, 2012 The Mixtape of the Revolution By SUJATHA FERNANDES During the recent wave of revolutions across the Arab world and the protests against illegitimate presidents in African countries like Guinea and Djibouti, [read more»]

Susan Buck-Morss, “Sometimes to progress means to stop, to pull the emergency brake”

Along with her paper, “A Commonist Ethics,” see also an interview with Susan Buck-Morss in Kultura Liberalna (Kultura Liberalna nr 155 (52/2011),  December 27th 2011), where she discusses her views on ontology, political action, history and pragmatism. __________________________________________________________________ Joanna Kusiak: [read more»]

Susan Buck-Morss: A Commonist Ethics

Politics is not an ontology. The claim that the political is always ontological needs to be challenged. It is not merely that the negative the case – that the political is never ontological (as Badiou points out, a simple negation leaves everything in place). Instead, what is called for is a reversal of the negation: The ontological is never political.[…] [read more»]

In Memoriam: Fernando Coronil

“Dear Fernando” by Gary Wilder
Director, the Committee on Globalization and Social Change
CUNY Graduate Center August 24, 2011 On Tuesday August 16, 2011 our cherished friend and colleague Fernando Coronil died of lung cancer at Sloan Kettering Memorial Hospital. His wife Julie Skurski and their daughters Mariana and Andrea were at his side. It is [read more»]