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Susan Buck-Morss, “Sometimes to progress means to stop, to pull the emergency brake”

Along with her paper, “A Commonist Ethics,” see also an interview with Susan Buck-Morss in Kultura Liberalna (Kultura Liberalna nr 155 (52/2011),  December 27th 2011), where she discusses her views on ontology, political action, history and pragmatism. __________________________________________________________________ Joanna Kusiak: [read more»]

Susan Buck-Morss: A Commonist Ethics

Politics is not an ontology. The claim that the political is always ontological needs to be challenged. It is not merely that the negative the case – that the political is never ontological (as Badiou points out, a simple negation leaves everything in place). Instead, what is called for is a reversal of the negation: The ontological is never political.[…] [read more»]